Sarah Palin Announces Daughter Willow’s Engagement Days After Son Track’s Arrest

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The ultimate Christmas present! Sarah Palin took to Instagram to announce her daughter Willow got engaged to her boyfriend Ricky Bailey at Rockefeller Center in New York City.

“Good things happen!!! My happiest baby girl Willow❤️and Ricky, last night at Rockefeller Center!!! So, so happy😘💍💏,” Sarah wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, December 20.

Bristol Palin also took to Instagram to congratulate Willow, 23, and her longtime love and share a picture of her sister’s stunning ring.

“I am DYING!! My little sister is getting married!!!!! 😍😍😍,” Bristol, who welcomed her third child and second with husband Dakota Meyer in May, wrote on Wednesday.

News of Willow’s engagement comes just days after her brother, Track Palin, was arrested for burglary and assault on Saturday, December 16. As previously reported, the Wasilla, Alaska, police arrived at Sarah and Todd Palin’s residence after receiving a 911 call from the former Alaska governor. Track told police officers that he was fighting with his father over a truck that he wanted to take.

After Todd retrieved his pistol to “protect his family,” Track entered into the house through a window and the father-son duo got into a fight, according to the police affidavit obtained by Us Weekly.

Track then “started hitting Todd in the head … Todd was able to get away from Track and get out of the residence,” officer Adam LaPointe’s report states. When police arrived to the scene, Sarah told them that Track “was freaking out and was on some type of medication.”

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